Rubber Gloves

Needle Exchange Service

What You Need

The needle exchange service allows people who inject intravenous drugs obtain clean sterile needles and syringes and safely dispose off the used needles and syringes. This is an NHS service placed to prevent people from sharing or reusing needles or other devices. It also reduces drug related harm and the transmission of blood borne bacterial and viral infections such as hepatitis B and C or HIV.
We offer a friendly non-judgemental service to our pharmacy. As a customer, you will ask to speak with a pharmacist who will be there to help with a range of other queries that you might have, such as, referral to a drug treatment program or testing for Hep B, C and HIV.
Protect yourself and others by avoiding sharing needles and other equipment used in preparing the drugs. Speak to a member of staff for a needle pack if you require this service.